Our no holds back, crème de la crème, full works detail. Everything from our Restoration Correction Detail with all of the top of the line upgrades plus a few extras. We start just like our other details but once the wash and decontamination is complete, the wheels come off for a full work up of the wheel wells and under carriage the engine bay is deeply cleaned, steamed and conditioned with a silica spray sealant, wheel lug nuts polished, every crack and crevasses are steamed/purged. The interior has the seats removed, everything is steamed, sanitized, and properly conditioned for a "factory fresh" reset.

For more on the polishing process please see our Restoration Correction page.

After all polishing is done to ensure perfection, we then wipe each panel with a prep spray to remove all polish residue for inspection before applying a durable professional ceramic coating is applied to the paintwork, plastics, glass, and wheels.


This correction will yield a 95%+ correction. We strongly recommend a Ceramic coating protection for this level of correction for maximum protection after such heavy correction work.


  • Safe ph neutral foam wash

  • Tar, iron, or metallically rich contaminates chemically treated

  • Remaining contamination clay bar treated, leaving the surface slick & smooth

  • Rinsed & dried with plush microfiber towels

  • Trapped water blown out with heated, filtered air ensuring no drips

  • Door jams cleaned, dried, and protected

  • Wheels/wheel wells/tires cleaned and treated with the proper dressing or sealant.

  • Engine bay detail

  • Complete interior steam and reconditioning

  • Spot Sanding for deeper defects or water etching removal

  • Multi-stage machine correction to remove moderate to heavy swirls/defects and finish down the paint to a high gloss and clarity

  • Professional ceramic coating ensuring 5+ years of protection


6+ Days


Consultation Needed


Paint Protection Film ( Click Here for options/pricing)


If you have a question or would like to book an appointment please call or message us! 

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