Georgia and Alabama Window Tint Laws

Hello! My name is Dave and, I am the window film installer for Bare Knuckles Detailing.

West Georgia’s premier one-stop shop for paint protection film, ceramic coatings, window tint, and custom wraps. I would like to take a minute to explain the current window tint laws for the state of Georgia. Don’t worry Alabama, the same window tint laws apply to you also.

When I talk to clients about window tint, I get a lot of assumptions. I have heard everything From I thought you could go as dark as you want on all windows” to my friend said it was legal”. So, to help with the confusion on window tint laws, I would like to help you out.

First off, I need to explain when we mention “percent”, what we are actually talking about. When we mention percent, what we are talking about is the percentage of light the film actually lets through the window. So, when we say, “35 percent”. What we are talking about is, 35 percent of light actually makes it through the film. The lower the number, the darker the window tint.

Now on to the reason why you are reading, Laws! For passenger vehicles, coupes and sedans, the window tint laws state: All side and rear windows must not read less than 32 percent VLT (Visual Light Transmission). Now, both Alabama and Georgia give you a 3 percent buffer. So, as long as your stock glass reads 100 percent before film is applied, you can go as dark as 30 percent. For the windshield, you may only have a tint strip 6 inches from the top of the glass which, is usually the AS1 line. The AS1 line are small marks on either side of the windshield. For trucks and SUVs, your window tint laws are actually a little different. Alabama and Georgia both state the driver and front passenger must read a VLT no less than 32 percent however, the back doors and back glass can be as dark as you want. The Same rules apply for the windshield.

I hope by reading this, it clears up some misconceptions of window tint laws. These laws to change from time to time, and we will keep you informed of any changes. We keep a variety of shades in stock from 5% to 80%. If you want all the benefits of window film, but do not want dark windows. 80% ceramic film is virtually clear however has a heat reduction of 88 percent. We have a heat display, so you can actually feel the difference between each film we carry. For any questions, concerns, or would like to book and appointment, feel free to contact us or come on in for a one on one consultation.

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