Goodbye swirls, hello clarity. Have your paint revitalized with our paint refinement service.

Our Paint Refinement Process

After performing our Express Detail the paint will then be machine polished to remove swirls, scratches, and other defects from the surface after this step, known as the compounding step, it will receive a refinement polish to ensure clarity and gloss.


After the paint is polish it will wiped down with a paint prep spray to strip any polish residue and oils from the paint so we can inspect it before applying protection.

See our blog post "The Art Of Paint Correction" for a more in depth look at our paint correction process, what defects are, and how we address them with this service.

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The Benefit's & Upgrade's Of Our Paint Refinement


Insane Gloss & Clarity

When swirls, water spots, and defects are removed, magic happens.

Lasting Results

Not just a cover up like other shops that use polishes with fillers. True results that last.

Safe Practices

Using the safest methods to go after defects that ensure we do not damage or compromise the paint.

Ceramic Coating 

Every vehicle's paint is protected with two layers of a professional ceramic coating system lasting 3+ years.

Complimentary Vehicle Pick-up

Free pick-up and drop-off within Lagrange city limits

Standard Dual-Stage Correction



Headlight Restoration - $99

Proper headlight restoration protected with a ceramic coating lasting results to keep you and your loved ones safe at night. 1 year warranty

Interior Coating - $199

Intense, deep leather cleaning with sanitizing steam and natural conditioners.

Windshield Coating - $99

Glassparency Glass Coating helping you see in the craziest of rains. Think of rain-x on steroids. Oh, and a 3 year warranty. 

Paint Protective Film

Paint protective film (PPF) is available to protect your paint from rock chips, call us for more information!

Restoration Multi-Stage Correction


Paint Correction & Refinement need an IN PERSON evaluation to ensure this is the route for your vehicle as well as the amount of paint correction needed to get your paint work back in order. Every vehicle is different, with different defects, paint, and history. Before "buffing" away at it, we would like to inspect the paint thoroughly to ensure the best results. We will not discuss price without a consultation.

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