Heavier defects that need spot sanding, or for those wanting perfection. We spend time obsessinf over each defect using the safest methods possible to remove them. While correcting the paint, we constently take paint readings to minimize the risk of compromising the clear coat or paint finish.

Above you can see our multi-step process to remove the old, swirled, and oxidized paint to uncover the healthy clear coat lying underneath. Typically meant for vehicles with over 30k miles or who have recieved it's fair amount of auto-washes, this will hit the "reset" button on your paintwork.

After all polishing is done to ensure perfection, we then wipe each panel with a prep spray to remove all polish residue for inspection before applying a durable paint sealant that will last 6+months.


This correction will yield a 95%+ correction. We strongly recommend a Ceramic coating protection for this level of correction for maximum protection after such heavy correction work.


  • Safe ph neutral foam wash

  • Tar, iron, or metallically rich contaminates chemically treated

  • Remaining contamination clay bar treated, leaving the surface slick & smooth

  • Rinsed & dried with plush microfiber towels

  • Trapped water blown out with heated, filtered air ensuring no drips

  • Door jams cleaned, dried, and protected

  • Wheels/wheel wells/tires cleaned and treated with the proper dressing or sealant.

  • Engine bay detail

  • Light interior vacuum & blow out

  • Spot Sanding for deeper defects or water etching removal

  • Multi-stage machine correction to remove moderate to heavy swirls/defects and finish down the paint to a high gloss and clarity

  • Ceramic Sealant applied to paint work giving us 6+ months of protection with proper care


5+ Days


Consultation Needed


Windshield Rain Repellant $70

Wheels off ceramic coating $250

Ceramic coating protection $400+

Premium certified only protection $600+

Paint Protection Film ( Click Here for options/pricing)


Deep interior detail (steam clean)  $100+ 

Leather protectant  $60+

Convertible Top Fabric Protection  $75+


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