Our Ceramic Coating Process

Ceramic coatings have become the buzz word around the detailing world and have become increasingly popular over the last few years because of how great of protection they provide over traditional wax and sealants. Prior to any ceramic coating application we have to polish the paint to not only reduce defects but to help prep the surface for maximize bonding for the coating onto your paint.


Ceramic Coatings create incredible gloss, and amazing protection for your paint, we wrote a much more in-depth article called "Ceramic Coatings. Snake Oil?" on our Education page. If you have never heard of ceramic coatings or have seen some crazy advertisement about people lighting their cars on fire or wiping scratches off with a towel, spoiler alert that's just a marketing gimmick, don't light your car on fire please, check out that article and it will hopefully answer any questions you may have.


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The Benefit's & Upgrade's Of Our Express Detail

Extremely Durable Layer Of Protection

Amazing durability on your vehicle's paint lasting for years, not just months. Our professional coatings are backed by warranties.

Self Healing Properties

Two coatings in our line up have self healing matrix that actively fight against swirls as the paint heats up.

Superb Chemical Resistance

Extremely durable to chemicals that can be harmful to your vehicles paint like acid rain, bird droppings, and so much more.

UV & Heat Protection 

Reduce greatly the chance of oxidation or sun damage to your vehicles paint.

Self Cleaning Properties

Yes, you still have to wash it, but it because it is so hydrophobic cleaning is a breeze with a coated vehicle.

Candy-Like Gloss

Amazing gloss, unrivaled by any wax or sealant on the market.

No More Waxing

No more waxing every other month or sealing once ever few months. Once coated it will need a FREE yearly visual inspection to ensure the coating it performing properly.

Standard Ceramic Service

Creates a hard-sacrificial barrier which shields your paint from the abuse coming from the sun and other harsh elements.


Our Standard Coating contains SiO2 (silica dioxide) which is the primary component of glass and is what gives glass its strength and hardness. This integrated SiO2 technology makes this product far more durable and hydrophobic than any wax or sealant.

Warranty: 3 years


Elite Ceramic Service

This is a dual layer, extremely durable coating with excellent UV protection, hydrophobic properties, and contains healing capabilities.

This coating helps actively minimize swirls caused by improper washing or rubbing of your vehicles paint. It is not designed to heal against deeper scratches but helps greatly with marring.  


To activate healing: simply park the vehicle in direct sun where the temperature is 85°F or higher and the Ceramic Polymer Matrix will reset

Warranty: 5 years


Extreme Ceramic Service

Crystal Serum Ultra forms an extremely durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically resistant layer of clear ceramic. With a single application, your vehicle will be resistant to chemicals ranging from pH2 – pH13. This most noteworthy characteristic makes contaminants such as tree sap, tar and hard water spots, easy to remove.

10h hardness offers even more improved swirl resistance over regular 9h paint protection coatings. In contrast to standard ceramic paint coatings, Crystal Serum Ultra can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings.



Warranty: 9 years



Removal of the wheels to deep clean suspension, wheel calipers, and wheel barrels. Wheel barrels and calipers are then ceramic coated with high temp coating.

Interior Coating- $199

Leather, vinyl, plastics, and carpet floor mats are ceramic coated to protect against wear and spills that can happen to your interior.

Caliper Painting- $249

Wanting to subtly change the look of your car, while giving your wheels a pop? Choose from a large range of colors to get your calipers looking like new. We also can reapply decals for a truly factory looking or custom finish for a small fee.


Paint Refinement

Ready to completely remove swirls and defects from your vehicles paint?

Our paint correction services are second to none. We take a lot of pride and time refining our craft to achieve amazingly deep and glossy paint. It's not a service that is for everyone but for those seeking the best out of their paint, this service is perfect! 

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