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Your car’s finish is continuously bombarded with harsh contaminants that can cause damage, and that over time will reduce the gloss and clarity of the surfaces. Regular detailing to deep-clean these areas help to remove all of these contaminants that get onto the paint, and then traditionally a wax or sealant would be applied to prevent new contamination and to add gloss as well. Waxes and sealants are good, but often they are not applied frequently enough to offer maximum protection. Most waxes will only provide a month or two of protection before another application is due, and sealants can typically range in the 4-6 month durability.

While there are a lot of "hype" coatings on the market claiming outrageous durability we have focused on protection that actually works. These new technologies come in the form of semi-permanent coatings that provide the ultimate barrier between your paint (and wheels…and trim), and the harsh elements that your car is exposed to on a daily basis and can help protect your paint for years if properly maintained.

Not only will these coatings provide a protective barrier, but they also add gloss and depth to the finish, and they make subsequent cleaning of the vehicle much easier since dirt, and other contaminants won’t stick to the surface as quickly. When you wash your car afterward, the paint will continuously have that “freshly waxed” and slick feeling to it.


3+  Years Of Protection

Shine Supply's Beadlock Pro was created with the mindset of "no hype, just results". No audacious claims of "lifetime warranties" or hardness levels, it delivers amazing, glossy results that last. Like all of the Shine Supply line up its designed by a passionate detailer for detailers to deliver the best quality outcome for them and their customers. We apply 2 layers of this coating to ensure proper coverage and achieve 3+ years of durability when properly cared for. This is considered our "entry level" coating, but make no mistake the results are far from "entry level".


5 Year Warranty

Feynlab Ultra is an extremely hard, high solid content coating, and is our most durable non-self healing coating. Ultra is a fairly new coating from Feynlab but it builds off the DNA of their extremely popular 3 year coating. Feynlab has built their reputation the past 10 years on their science and how they use the technology to build a base onto your paint for optimal performance. This has quickly become a favorite coating at our facility and we are excited to be able to share it with you! 


5 Year Warranty


We all strive to do everything right when washing our vehicles, but sometimes small particles of dirt can work their way into the wash mitt or drying towel and can cause light scratches or marring. With Heal Lite applied to your vehicle's paintwork it will help minimize this damage and when heated, as long as the damage is in the coating layer, it will heal itself. On top of the amazing healing qualities this coating is the 2nd thickest coating on the market, HEAL+ taking the #1 spot, which in turns produces an amazing gloss and depth to the paint compared to other coatings. 


7 Year Warranty 

FEYNLAB HEAL+ is the optimal solution to keeping your vehicle looking it best and well protected over time. With HEAL+  dark colored vehicles will retain their true color and glossy appearance due to the impressive self healing mechanism which vanishes away wash induced love marks and light scratches.


It  is thickest and most advanced nano-coating available in automotive surface care. In addition to the revolutionary self healing mechanism, the ceramic backbone of HEAL+ creates a highly durable protective layer with super gloss and extreme slickness.


FEYNLAB’s true nano-technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available. This protection is meant to resolve marring and light scratches that could be caused during the wash process, it will no stop rock chips, scratches, or long exposure to heavy bug acids like Paint Protection Film. Heal Coatings are amazing products but without proper wash and care methods they too can and will fail.



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